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The Diversity Dividend

Last month, I attended the NASSCOM D&I conference along with a few colleagues at work. One of the rare seminars that was brilliantly planned & executed, each of the sessions was very interesting, if not inspiring! Surrounded by tonnes of like-minded people, our discussions and debates hit a new high.. Doe-eyed we came back with tonnes of notes and to-dos (read lofty plans on initiatives that we’d begin right away if not in a short while..)
And then reality struck.. the snide remarks, the sarcastic tones.. (the fact that Women’s Day fell in the following week didn’t necessarily help).. “Do you know how the men folk see all this jazz organisations want to create around this Diversity agenda? Have you ever thought how this can harm you women colleagues – Would you feel comfortable if someone thinks you made it to the top only cos of your gender!?” OF COURSE NOT… And if you still persist, I will get Mrs. Funny Bones aka Twinkle Khanna’s help to make this point clear(er) to you! Fo…