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What do you do when……

Logic fails and loud voice prevails…….Free-riders question stakeholders……Those seeking entertainment question those who’ve faced the music…..Free speech is repressed by, “You do not know the entirety!” When anger and emotions overpower rationality…..When purpose fails and might triumphs…… When you feel like, you’d rather not be where you are…..When all the focus is on the trivial of things….And in turn, serious things become a mockery!!Do you watch silently hoping someone else will speak up….Or defy authority and follow suit but do the better….Or like at many other situations, just hope things will get fine…. As you have day before, yesterday and today!?May be you count... Count on your blessings- a count that will reassure you, you are doing good.. And the curses- they become all the more important! Since the winners in this popularity contest is surely not you!!
For now though, things lie in a state of chaos- for that's inevitable too some would say!