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Finding Neverland

For those that haven’t seen the Hollywood movie with the said title, here’s the gist… James M Barrie, a playwright, finds his career at crossroads when his latest play flops. His relationship with his wife is estranged - she blames him and his unavailability for their relationship falling apart only to discover she’s having an affair & shortly elopes.. oh well! His friendship with a young widow, Sylvia Davies and her four adventurous boys(George, Jack, Peter and Michael) inspires him to create his greatest and best-loved work – Peter Pan! He realizes he is in love with Sylvia and as a surrogate father figure in the lives of the boys, the 6 of them (with his pet dog) make a perfect family! Yet Sylvia is diagnosed with an unidentified illness and passes away leaving her mom and Barrie as the co-guardians to the children.