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The travel bug in me – All alive n kickin’

Its quite true I guess.. Old habits die hard! The passion for traveling and exploring new places that I discovered in my early 20s (a tad earlier would’ve been even better) had to put on hold with Rhea & Dhruv’s arrival and what not.. But there we are.. back to square one! And what’s beautiful is that it’s back with a vengeance! With a little more ‘disposable’ money in hand, it seems to make me a shopping traveloholic (if there’s one such term).. Thanks to the awesome organization that I work with, I have been fortunate to have traveled abroad 4 times in the past 5 months! Now that IS enviable by all means.. It began in March when they asked me if I could travel to the UK for a week for an up-skilling program.. Extremely conscious about what it would mean to the kids etc. but reassured by the hubby, I grudgingly agreed only to be posed with a travel to Bangkok even as I was processing the UK visa. 1 3-day stint to Bangkok gave me the much-needed confidence to undertake foreign t…