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Musings of an Iyer girl..

Just in case you wish to feel a sense of belongingness at one of our homes, you may need to know that      Our obsession with the Sun is Epic (After all, there MUST be a reason the ‘Earth’ revolves around it!!) – We wake up at sunrise, no matter how sleepy/ yawny we are post that (read no matter how late we hit the bed and/or the fact that we were woken up in the middle of the night - like I am right now!) – Waking up beyond 6:30 could be considered equivalent to blasphemy.. No wonder I've heard Geetha aunty cry foul saying “Ayiyo, this Kartik.. he usually wakes up only at 8’o clock !! This hostel life has spoilt him!”
-It’s critical to clear the “Have you showered” litmus test every single morning – A typical morning (even on a weekend) may look like this.. Step 1: Wake up earllllyyyyyyy à Step 2: Drink tea/ coffee à Step 3: Have a shower à Step 4: Read newspaper/ Eat breakfast/ Go to work/ Go for a run/ Cook/ Go cycling/ Go shopping at Saravana’s @ T Nagar (even if it is 3 hours …