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The Balancing Act

"So how do you manage?"Hopefully (in any case, I'm convinced!) when my friends & colleagues ask me this, they're referring to how I stay super-positive (read sane) amidst managing two toddlers*, an entrepreneur hubby, living with the in-laws, spending time with my family, staying in touch with friends, while successfully & ambitiously pursuing a career in an area I am quite passionate about, trying to stay fit- running a few 10-k a year, reading & traveling a bit, and of course, staying abreast with the latest (useless yet priceless, masala-filled) debates & updates on social media – I mean how can I miss out on how my friend, her brother and her ex-boyfriend & his cousin feel about how amicable Farhan Akhtar's divorce is! ;-)
*For those new to this word - it includes caring, cleaning, teaching, cooking, entertaining, disciplining & a myriad other things-basically, ticking off from a never-ending list of activities that keeps you busy all y…