Here's to the 21st century Wonder Woman*

You can’t miss the 21st century Wonder Woman (aka the working Mommy in this case) - You can spot her in the crowd.. You’ve always known her, except she’s far more prominent and her tribe has increased in modern times (FINALLY & AMEN!).. Her gait is peculiar much-like Aamir Khan's in PK.. And so is her voice – It’s a combination of self-doubt, confidence, emotion, passion and conviction all at once.. She’s unique in many ways, and here’s why…..

She’s always checking her back, cos she’s trying to stay out of jail – The charges could be as minor and/or as serious as –
She yells toooooo loud or too often the neighbors AND the inmates of the home complain – She’s yelling as she goes around fixing (OR helping fix as the case may be) unclean teeth, knotted hair, unfinished homework, dirty clothes strewn on the bedroom floor, outdoor game items strewn around the home stepping on lego blocks that threaten to take the life out of her (**** Plastic CAN & DOES hurt – Let’s go eco-fri…

Finding Neverland

For those that haven’t seen the Hollywood movie with the said title, here’s the gist… James M Barrie, a playwright, finds his career at crossroads when his latest play flops. His relationship with his wife is estranged - she blames him and his unavailability for their relationship falling apart only to discover she’s having an affair & shortly elopes.. oh well! His friendship with a young widow, Sylvia Davies and her four adventurous boys(George, Jack, Peter and Michael) inspires him to create his greatest and best-loved work – Peter Pan! He realizes he is in love with Sylvia and as a surrogate father figure in the lives of the boys, the 6 of them (with his pet dog) make a perfect family! Yet Sylvia is diagnosed with an unidentified illness and passes away leaving her mom and Barrie as the co-guardians to the children.


It’s no secret that that my only source of global breaking news as well as entertainment (read social life during the week) is Facebook! And I take the “me-time” with FB very seriously – for e.g. I will go through hoops & loops (read multiple friends’ status messages & numerous #hashtags) to ensure I know the entire story - What song was played during the Virushka wedding, what expletives Dhoni hurled at (you know who) and of course what the world & their grandmothers think of ‘how’ Sreedevi must’ve actually died (may her soul rest in peace)..
Yet my breakfast routine is also to flip through the newspaper just in case that upcoming HR head and/or entrepreneur is (finally) in the news for doing something right (in turn instilling hope for souls like yours truly & her life partner).. I also have the moral obligation to watch out for the org that pays me my salary – Hopefully, “we” are in the news for the right reasons! And of course, I flip through to see which online ret…