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Patriotism, Democracy et al

The inspiration for this post comes from a bike ride to the French Border..For those who are phewing at this blog, and before u think am bluffing, am not. France is barely 6-7-8 kms from where I stay..and when I am in a mood to, I go watch the airplanes take off from Basel airport from near the French-Swiss border- I was amazed to learn that this airport is shared by France and Switzerland and Germany too. It's called the Euro-airport and is officially called the "Basel-Mulhouse" airport- Mulhouse being the French city.

Sitting there this morning admist rain drops, I was thinking if I will ever ever be able to do it back in our country. Especially with BBC covering the people v.s police clashes in Indian administered Kashmir, thousands of thoughts crossed my mind.. In the first place, why do we wage wars for a piece of land causing bloodshed for almost sixty years now, and still there's not an iota of peace to be seen on the radar. If u think, I am not a patriotic per…

Pet peeves and some thoughts!

Ever thought why things that irritate you are called pet peeves, when pets are actually supposed to give u the happiness other humans around u aren't able a blog with a PJ is not an IN thing is it? okie okie..

The origin for this not-so-common and not-so-friendly tagline for this present post of mine arises from the irritation of not having been able to post the last write up for almost 20 hours after writing it. The worst part was being here, every website reads in German by default..and since it’s been ages since I have been on blogspot, wasn’t too sure how to handle that one..finally did some R&D (read as research and destruction) and it led me to some page which asked me if I wanted the default language to be.. (Yes yes English! U r right English, that’s the language- rather the only language I speak and understand!) Imagine the bouts of irritation one can be put into by just not understanding a language.. this makes me wonder what happens to all those pe…


Looks like another bout of inspiration just hit me yet again! Once inspired, Placecomm took away all the time I had to spend on myself, and I had almost giving up writing a blog, but today yet another friend who urged me to read his blog and my own (old) blog surfacing out of nowhere, have made me write...So for those who will be tortured by this, u know who to blame!
To begin with, life’s taken quite a turn from my previous blog. Well, it’s only obvious- 9 months later, one obviously wishes not to be stuck at the same desk, does one? Right now, am amongst the alps, and having spent the weekend exploring the country, am possibly one of the happiest souls around.. phew..being a back-packer has its own pros I guess.. the immense happiness on having explored a place on ur feet is a feeling one understands only if s/he goes through it and enjoys it more than anything!Am not a great writer and stuff, but let me nevetheless, tell u a thing or two about this trip of mine..
In the last 3 days, …