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I wish every CEO thought this way and followed this path....

The past few days have been interesting times... The latest found obsession is watching news and reading the newspaper inside out (especially the editorials). With each passing day, the news gets juicier while the tones of the newsreaders gets more dramatic.. With Steve Balmer talking about probable lay-off (almost unheard of), Steve Jobs declaring a sabbatical (owing to health reasons) and the 'Yahoo!' baton in the hands of an (able) woman, and of course America's largest telephone equipment maker filing for bankruptcy, the corporate world surely seems to be in the limelight (for the wrong reasons, perhaps)!
Just while the Indian press and media were about to divulge 'almost everything' that existed about this person (or may be beast) called 'Amir Ajmal Kasab' - one of the terrorists caught alive from the Terrorist attacks in Bombay on November 26, 2008- the focus turned to our home-grown (financial) terrorist Mr. Ramalingam Raju.
Anyone that has been partl…

Any "Good News"?

Looks like this is the best conversation starter people have devised for the likes of me! Friends and family alike seem to be obsessed with when Raj and me plan to start a family. But hey, wait a minute, aren’t some of these friends older than me if not as old as me or may be just a few months younger than me? But, "No ya, I haven't even found the right person, forget marriage, etc!” And since I decided to marry at 22, even before I attended grad school, I am supposed to be the 1st one to give them all the “good news”. Which reminds me, why don’t people spell it out? Though I still strongly maintain that it is none of their business, I’d still like some novelty in the way the question itself is posed!
It all began with me returning home after what seemed like the longest two years of my life (without Raj). Though super excited about being back with Raj, little did I know what awaited me (apart from the graduation celebrations)! Congratulatory calls ended with, “so now the line… what's your Resolution?

Guess, with New Year's comes this constant need to change- almost every conversation begins or ends with, “so what’s your resolution for the coming year?” Almost always, I smile sheepishly and have nothing to say – And at times when I feel like acting smart, I retort with the clich├ęd “resolutions are for those with low levels of self control, not me!” or something cheekier.. But that hasn’t reduced my quest of why thousands, rather millions of people spend time pondering over new year resolutions to simply break them even before the 1st week of the new year ends!
Thinking hard about it, I guess it's people’s way of resolving to change for the ‘good’- a willingness to be open to change – something that the future holds for each one of us.. whatever the reason might be, am surely not falling for this trap as of now.. In fact, I am one of those that introspect on the past year and think about what s/he could change about her/himself this coming year- If that too falls into the sam…